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Differential Equations & Applications

Volume: 9

Year: 2017


Issue: 1 (February, 2017)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-01 Jesús Rodríguez, Adam J. Suarez: Existence of solutions to nonlinear boundary value problems 1–11 View View
09-02 D. D. Hai, C. Qian: On global convergence of forced nonlinear delay differential equations and applications 13–28 View View
09-03 Sivaraj Tamilvanan, Ethiraju Thandapani, Jozef Džurina: Oscillation of second order nonlinear differential equation with sub-linear neutral term 29–35 View View
09-04 B. Juarez-Campos, Elena Kaikina, Hector F. Ruiz-Paredes: Nonlinear model of quasi-stationary process in crystalline semiconductor 37–55 View View
09-05 J. Henderson, Q. Sheng, C. C. Tisdell: Constructive existence results for solutions to systems of boundary value problems via general Lyapunov methods 57–68 View View
09-06 Mohammed Aïboudi, Ikram Bensari-Khelil, Bernard Brighi: Similarity solutions of mixed convection boundary-layer flows in a porous medium 69–85 View View
09-07 A. K. Tripathy, S. S. Santra: Characterization of a class of second order neutral impulsive systems via pulsatile constant 87–98 View View
09-08 Amina Boucenna, Mabrouk Briki, Toufik Moussaoui, Donal O'Regan: Minimization principle in ordered Banach spaces and application via Ekeland's variational principle 99–104 View View
09-09 András Szabó-Solticzky: Dynamics of a link-type independent adaptive epidemic model 105–122 View View
09-10 Zi Jian Luo, Jin Rong Wang: Study on iterative learning control for Riemann-Liouville type fractional-order systems 123–139 View View
09-11 Daniel C. Biles: Nonexistence of solutions for second-order initial value problems 141–146 View View